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    Question Unanswered: Page Numbering Continuation in Report

    I am trying to continue the page numbering from a previous report onto an existing report.

    Access Default:
    Report 1: Page footer is "Page 1 of 3"
    Report 2: Page footer is "Page 1 of 5"

    Need to Change to:
    Report 1: Page footer "Page 1 of 3"
    Report 2: Page footer "Page 4 of 8" (The page numbering is continued from previous report1).

    Anyone know how to do this?

    I found a way around this, but it's cumbersome. Basically I create a separate object for the [rpt1]![Pages] object in Report 1 (this would equal the number 3 from the 3 pages in Report1. In report 2, I create the page footer object of [Page]+[rpt1]![Pages] for the first page (this equals 4, the 3 pages from report1 and the first page of report2) and [Pages]+[rpt1]![Pages] (the 5 pages of report2 plus the 3 pages of report1 equals 8). The one problem is that Report1 must be run and remain open in order for the calculations to take place in Report2. Anyone know of a better approach to this?

    Many Thanks !!

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    You got most of it correct with your costum Page Footer. Perhaps you can open the first report get & store the # pgs on the second report then close it as the 2nd one opens. Store the value in an open form perhaps, or make it hidden in the Report header.

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