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Thread: DIR permissions

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    Unhappy Unanswered: DIR permissions

    hi people,

    thanks for your help in advance. i have saved the following code on a server and when i try to run, it gives this error

    Permission denied at D:\Montana\Fails\ line 8.

    (D:\ is the server)

    and the script is
    use strict;
    use warnings;

    open (FH, "//novardb1/tnb1/out/61012049.ver") or die $!;
    #open (FH, "T:/OUT/Verifs/61012049.ver") or die $! this won't work either
    print while (<FH>);

    How can I show the server that the file is located on another machine? I do know that on D: the other server is mapped thru a network drive called "T:". the task i want to accomplish is much more complicated but i think if i resolve this problem, i will complete the other one. thanks for your help in advance!

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    Check the permissions on the file that you are trying to read. Be sure that the world has "read and write (if necessary)" privileges.

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