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    Unanswered: Store and display html text in Oracle 9i

    We stored html text as CLOB data type in Oracle 9i, but we got problem to display it in ASP.NET, the html decode did not work as below, html text display as source format:
    "<table><tr><td>This is a test</td></tr></table>"

    string content = Server.HtmlDecode((string)dr["html"]);
    HtmlHolder.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl(content));

    We guess we need to convert CLOB binary format to string, but we can not figure it out how to do it.

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    I've never used it, but did you consider Oracle XML DB?
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    We try to port microsoft IBuySpy portal solution to Oracle, and it works fine stored as ntext data type in SQL Server, now we convert data from SQL Server to Oracle and stored as CLOB data type.

    The problem is that data fetched from Oracle return in binary format like below:

    "&\0l\0t\0;\0t\0a\0b\0l\0e\0 \0c\0e\0l\0l ..."

    Now our question is that can we convert the format to string in ASP.NET?
    On the other word convert above characters to "<table><tr>..."

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