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    Unanswered: URGENT: Physical restore failed - function read archive backup failed code 1 errno 0

    Hello everyone

    We do have 3 servers. (HPUX1, HPUX2, LINUX1).
    Informix 7.31.UD1 on all servers

    The HPUX1 is the only server with a tape backup unit.

    I did a remote backup using (ontape -s -L 0) from HPUX2 to HPUX1.

    ( onconfig : TAPEDEV HPUX1:/dev/rmt/3m )
    It did work.

    Now I would like to restore on the LINUX1 server.
    ( onconfig : TAPEDEV HPUX1:/dev/rmt/3m )

    LINUX1> ontape -r
    Physical restore failed - function read archive backup failed code 1 errno 0

    Informix is offline.

    I did the following command to be sure we are taking to the tape: mt -f HPUX1:/dev/rmt/3m status

    It did work after the password has been asked.
    (ssh connection)

    I realy need to resotre that backup.

    I tried to physicly connect the tape drive, to the LINUX1 server, but the scsi controler doesn't reconize it.

    All suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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    I don't think you will get it working. As far as I know the back-up/restore is platform dependent. So restoring a Hp_UX IDS env. will not work under Linux. Hope this helps...

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    Physical restore failed. Renaming chunks

    I am experiencing a a similar yet strange error. I am trying to rename chunks as I need to add to a new server, new drive and new directory. I am using -rename -p -o -n -o as I have spaces in my pathnames. Firstly I cannot specify offset 250( -o 250), I get an error - "Error in parsing command line at '250'". BUT I can specify 200, 240, 260, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500????

    I then use 200 as an offset, which is not equal to my 250 offset in my backup, then I get an error - "Physical restore failed - The old chunk path <C:\Program Files\....\admin_chunk1, 200> in the input file does not exist in backup."

    Can you please assist with this? I am desperate, we need to present to potential customer.

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