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    Unanswered: Find in an Access Page

    OK I'm sure this is simple but...

    In an access page how do I give users the ability to search for a record? I want to let them search the whole database much like you can do in a form. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    I assume your a newbie. First create the query for your search of "everything" a user would need. Then figure out how you want the user to fill in data for the variables of the search-- here put in "abc" or similar into criteria field. Should they use a pulldown or enter text? These answers will lead to the building of form(s). Now design the user entry stuff in the form header then give em a command button to launch search. This is where you add the code to build the proper string query. (Refer to sql view of the query for specific syntax.) Then you could treat the rest of the form as the results of the query by using a continuous form and modifying the record source and filter to the appropriate strings, once the search button is hit. Just remember to handle the FilterOn = t/f properly to enable/disable the form filter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poliarci
    I assume your a newbie.

    I have the query, form, etc. I now want to have the users be able to search the database from a web front end (access page). I am having problems finding the search function in the design view navigation bar.

    Not a n00b but I am somewhat hung-over.
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