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    Question Unanswered: Sending multiple parameters

    [FONT=Book Antiqua]Hi,

    I want to send multiple parameter to a particular form using one of the three procedures :[/FONT]

    I need all the values i want to pass as parameters.
    If there any way to send maltiple parameters using the previous procedures or any other way, please advice me.


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    There are two ways I know. First one is using global parameters, and the second one is using a parameter list.

    Although global parameters provide a simpler solution, I prefer parameter lists as - using them - you know exactly who sent you those parameters and why. Use of global parameters can cause errors which are hard to trace if you don't handle with care (that is, erase their values when you don't need them).

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    thank u Littlefoot for the replay..
    well, i'm a beginner in Oracle and as u said global variables are dengarious and couse alot of problem.
    About parameter list, actually i hadn't used this way before. I understood it's used to pass a list of parameters and then use them in one purpose.
    Actually in my project i have to keep the "customer id" known for all my forms, so i thought i should send it as a parameter from form to another one. But also i need to send another parameter to make the wanted
    HTML Code:
    <i> tab page</i>
    be at the top most. So, both parameters are sent to be used in different purposes.
    I read about Context and i got the main idea of it and i liked it.. but i don't know if i can use it in Forms . Also, if I do can use it, should i use it just like it's used in SQL PLUS ? or there's another way in using it? Considering that i have table for customers and i use it to give each customer his/her own data.

    Pleasssssssssssssssssse help in redirecting me into the best solution.


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