Yesterday night I was not so happy 'cause, after working for a month to convert my application from client.mde/server.mdb standard to client.mde/server.mdb + replica, I realized an application too slow.

On LAN, the client (FrontEnd) is very slow to link to a server (BackEnd) based on a file of access (*.mdb) replica (master).

Before replica convertion, the application opens in 1/2 seconds, and now it takes up 3 minutes, and everty time make an operation, the avarege time is so long...

Only if FrontEnd is located in the same pc of BackEnd, application works with normal access time.

I have found in newsgroup (posted from Michael michka Kaplan) that this situation can be based on shared resources/drive to deactivate.
I have tried in client-PC's (with WinXP) to remove sharing, but nothing changes.

The application is based on Access.2003 (same FE that BE)

There are some ideas before I left replica to past?