Would like your opnion.

Result: > 5000! cloned workspace sites with customized lists/ roles/ sitegroups.
Result: for every client a db is added to the MySQLServer\SHAREPOINT.
Is this a drawback?/ what can go wrong with the SQLServer?

Regards, Peter

::::: background info ::::::::::::::::::::
I cannot use a template because customization..... are not preserved. We would then have to do this for every site individual.
What have I done(testing): made one customized site, and backed it up with stsadm.
- run for every workspace I must make the option -o CreatesiteInNewDb -url http:\\myserver\sites\a_different_clientnumber_for _every_site_I_must_make -databasename "a_different_clientnumber_for_every_site_I_must_ma ke"
And then run stsadm -o restore -url http:\\myserver\sites\a_different_clientnumber_for _every_site_I_must_make -overwrite
Every site I made this way is unique() and the customization preserved.