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    Unanswered: Database not opening,redo log problem.

    Hi all,

    m facing an acute problems related with redo log files.
    Actually through sql database is getting connected but after tht if i fire query (select * from tab) it shows errors tht database is not opened.

    errors i faced are following..
    ora-00312 online log 1 thread 1;e:\oracle\oradata\datacp\redoo01.lg
    ora-00316:log of thread 1, type 65535 in heaser is not log file
    pls help urgently.

    thx in advance,

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    > it shows errors tht database is not opened.
    So open the Oracle database before you fire query thru sql database
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    Smile DB in mount stage


    The Database will OPEN only when:
    Datafiles, Control files and Redo logs are in sync.

    Connection with Oracle database, is in MOUNT stage and not OPEN. That is why your query fails.

    As per the given error numbers I think, the online log is corrupted or is an old version.

    Find and install the correct version of the log or reset the logs. Please refer to the Oracle9i Database Administrator's Guide for recovery procedures.

    Hope it is of some help.

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    A write on recovery practices is at
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