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    Unanswered: Uploading a MySQL database


    Can somebody give a step by step & understandable method to upload an existing database on my computer which is being used by ASP pages.

    In other words, I have an ASP site on my computer that uses MySQL database for records etc. Now I want to put this project online, how can I do that?

    1. If I have windows hosting with PhpMyAdmin, how will I do it?

    2. If I have UNIX hosting with Cpanel, how will I do it?

    Since MySQL doesn't use single filed database, its not that easy to upload MySQL database. Please provide some guidelines, this will help me and many others on the forum.

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    you can obtain your db's sql file as follows..
    * once select your db at phpMyAdmins ..
    * then select convert and finally select sql section, thus you should get your sql file and it simply to upload your db into your host..

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