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    Question Unanswered: comparing whole records in two tables

    Anybody got SQL code sample for comparing two tables?

    I need to know if if the records in table B, which some time ago was an identical copy of table A (the original), has been changed, or if the tables/records are still identical (field/record/content comparison, not structure comparison).

    Need to display a list of which records in table B have been changed. (if any)
    Thought I had seen a wizard for this some time ago, but perhaps not.

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    See attached file for example.

    You could start of by using the 'Find Unmatched Query Wizard'.

    However, it sounds like you need to evaluate change across multiple fields; in which case you would need to create a join between the two tables for each field you want to monitor change for and supply an additional "OR IS NULL" criteria for each field.

    I have done that for 3 fields in the query 't1_copy Without Matching t1'. You could use these same techniques for as many fields as you need.

    Hope this helps
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