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    Question Unanswered: Creating an Invoice with Totals for each Invoice ... Help ME Please

    Hey guys! Hope u can help me! I have created a SQL database program which stores sales of items to customers it also stores customer details etc. Im using Crystal Reports to generate invoices for each customer. The invoice contains the usual ... invoice num, name, address etc., the items that were purchased, tax and cost. At the bottom of each invoice i want to print the invoice gross total, tax total and invoice net total. I can get this to work fine by creating a group for invoice numbers and in that group footer put the running sums for the cost and vat etc. and then flag it to print on the bottom of the page. My problem is this .. sometimes if there are too many items in the details section it pushes the invoice number group footer (which contains the totals) to the bottom of the next page, leaving nothing on the rest of the second page (if there are no more details) with just the totals on the bottom. Ive tried to set the number of entries by putting a conditional formula to cause a page break after x number of items in the details section, but again this doesnt work properly cause if you have exactly that number of items then you get the totals on the next page! I can't put the totals into the page footer because then it would print on every page, i only want the totals to print on the last page of the invoice. (some invoices span 4 or 5 pages) I hope somebody understands what i mean and can help me! I've tried to fix this for 4days now and i cant get it to work! Thanks! Adrian!

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    Try moving the items you want on your report all to group footer areas, then hide the details section. Also try using the "new page after" check box and use the formula (x-2) to tell it when to print. We have a similar report that does this (however, I did not set it up) The information that we require was moved to Group Footer #2 and the total invoice amount is in group footer #1

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