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    Offering part-time Database Designer job

    Hello all Database Designers,

    Our company is looking for Database Designers who can use EERD, Normalization, other design tools etc. This is a part time job (payment is by Project Basis). The pay is very substantial, but the job is rather demanding and you must be able to meet deadline without fail.

    If you are interested, pls email to this address, and I'll send you a trial pack to try out. If you can pass the trial pack - then welcome to the team, else try again next year

    Here's my email -

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    An interesting approach... They need fairly high tech skills, and start off with a rather brusque approach. I wonder if that will get them any qualified leads.


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    It'd be nice to know just a tad about the company...or just what you'd be doing...
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    "else try again next year" sure makes it sound like an occasional thing, right?

    i obtained the trial pack only two months ago, the last time this guy was on here (do a search on his userid, if you really care)

    you should see the questions -- they're given in relation to a "case study" which has substantial complexity

    then you are asked to do a design two ways -- "top-down" starting with an ER diagram, and "bottom up" starting with an unnormalized relation

    for example, in the "top-down" section,
    question j) Identify the Super/ subtype entities available in the given scenario. Also identify the constraints on the generalization/specialization as either disjointed or overlapped. [1 Points]
    or, in the "bottom-up" section,
    question f) Give the BCNF of the un-normalized relation (do NOT go through the 1NF, 2NF and 3NF). [8 Points]
    then at the end you have to compare the relational tables produced by both methods and explain why they are the same or why they are different (as the case may be for your own answers)

    i could not help thinking, as i read through the case study, that if some poor schmuck actually did go through and answer all the questions, buddy wouldn't actually need to hire anybody, he'd already have his design, wouldn't he?

    and of course if several people answered, all he'd have to do is compare answers to get the best design

    something was very, very fishy about the whole thing, and i did not submit a design

    and no, he did not send any information about the company

    the fact that he used a yahoo userid when sending me the "trial pack" was also quite suspicious

    one o' you guys want to ask him this time? the trial pack is quite interesting, and i'd be curious if it's the same one (which it should be, if he's got some sort of standard by which to judge submissions) or if it's different, which would suggest that's he's just fishing for free work... | @rudydotca
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