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    Unanswered: How do you compare date values

    I'm stuck trying to compare date values from users selection against a database. I also need to add a condition statement on if the results return no match. How would I do that?

    Also, I'm not even sure if my SELECT statement is right. The user will hit a date that will be in format m/d/yyyy and that will be compared to see if it exist in the database. The datebase column "date_created" is default with date/time( 8 ). But when I compare the to together, nothing returns back. The page loads successfully, but no results from the database.

    Here is my code:
    dim conpubs as sqlconnection
    dim cmdSelectAuthors as sqlcommand
    dim dtrAuthors As sqlreader

    conpubs = New sqlconnection(configurationsettings.appSettings("S TD"))
    cmdSelectAuthors = New sqlcommand("Select * From HotNews WHERE date_created=" & y, conpubs)
    dtrAuthors = cmdSelectAuthors.ExecuteReader()

    While dtrAuthors.Read()
    Response.Write(dtrAuthors("title") & "<br>")
    End While



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    I assume your "y" variable contains the date and date_created contains time values other than midnight.

    cmdSelectAuthors = New sqlcommand("Select * From HotNews WHERE date_created between '" & y & "' and dateadd(ms, -10, dateadd(day, 1, '" & y & "'))", conpubs)
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