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    Unanswered: Attaching an image file to the database..?

    Ok, im an ACCESS user, I used MYSQL quite a bit, but never added an image to the database. Ive never even done it in ACCESS.

    Can someone tell me how do they link an image in a database? Here is what I want to accompolish.

    I want to upload subject, description, and image.
    I want to view the subject, description, and image.

    Attaching an image to MYSQL...
    Thanks in advance

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    In MS Access you'd use the "OLE Object" field type to store an image.

    In MySQL you'd use the "BLOB" field type to store an image.

    An easier approach is to store the image in a directory on the server and just store the filename in the database table.

    Hope that helps you progress,

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