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    Unanswered: Transaction Logs


    When I look at the Database maintience plan history entry for backup I have a message that reads: "Backup can not be performed on this database. This sub task is ignored".

    Have anyone come across this error before?? As part of the Maintenance plan some transaction log are being backup and some aren't instead they receive the message above.



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    The Recovery Mode for the database needs to be set to either Full or Bulk-logged. No non-logged operations can be performed for the database with those recovery modes to successfully back up the transaction log. Those operations include TRUNCATE TABLE for all Full and Bulk-Logged, and SELECT...INTO and BCP...IN/BULK INSERT for Full recovery mode.
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    set your recovery model to full or bulk-logged
    in enterprise manager right click the database and select properties
    find recovery model on one of the pages (options i think)
    change the model click ok


    alter database DBX
    set recovery {FULL\BULK_LOGGED}

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