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    Unanswered: Keep trail form beginning to end.

    Good after noon and thanks for your help

    I have a database that keeps track of all properties I'm doing a
    title search, with the following tables.

    tblProperty = each property can have multiple Mortgages
    tblMortgage = each Mortgage can have multiple Assignments
    tblAssigned = (Assigned means, one bank sold the mortgage to another

    Any Mortgage, Assignment, Satisfaction, or CEMA gets recorded with a new Book & page#

    The next table is called
    tblCema = (Cema means a mortgage was put in a new Cema Mortgage,)
    Most of the time, a Cema will be a combination of 2-3 mortgages, & gets a new Book & Page #

    However, if a bank gave you 1 mortgage and latter on the bank is adding more money without a new mortgage, it also gets recorded in a cema with a new Book & Page #

    Here is my problem
    A Cema can also be assigned to another bank, and then can be added to another Cema and then assigned again, and so on and so on.
    On the report, I must show all transactions occurring for each record from beginning to end.
    In other words, all transactions from the Cema and down the road should be entered once; however this information can be displayed for several mortgages.

    Please see attached a snapshot of my current Tables and the relationship. It might be helpful.

    If any one knows of a sample database with such an example, can you please share it with me?

    Please let me know if you need more clarifications on this question.

    A very big THANKS to every body’s help

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    Sounds like your short a table. How about adding a table like:



    This would allow you to assign multiple mortgages to a given cema.

    I don't really know much about the mortgage biz, so I'm only going off what you've provided. I hope that helps.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    You are right; I didn’t create this table cause I don’t know how the relationship will work.
    What will happen after the 2-3 mortgages are entered into 1 Cema, now this is Cema gets assigned and falls into another cema, where do I enter the second cema and assignment?


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