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    I have a table of orders which includes the fields "Company" (text) "Approved_Date" (date) and "Urgent" (True/False).

    I have a query that groups by Company. I want to count the instances of Approved items, and Approved & Urgent items.

    I can do the Approved : Count(Approved_Date), no problem, it just counts those entries which aren't NULL.

    But...... I can't seem to count where BOTH fields are NOT NULL.

    I tried Count(Approved_Date AND Urgent), but [according to the access help] it counts instances where either aren't NULL, so I also get those Urgent records that haven't been approved!! Grrrrr, that's an OR operand, not an AND.........grrrrrr hmph, blaaaahhhhh!!!!!

    Anyone know how to count where both are NOT NULL and stop this smoke coming out of my ears?????

    Many thanks,


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    =sum(iif(IsNull(Approved_date), iif(IsNull(Urgent), 1, 0), 0))
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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