So I could not build my first SQL sp in v7, so I decided to give v8 a try, as we will be migrating within the next month and maybe I should not fuss with a beast that will be dead in little time and, instead, worry about the younger beast -- hoping, mistakenly, it will be an easier task.

OK, so I finish installing my UDB v8 brand new (every single option for both the server and the application client on the same box). I check to make sure that darn db2udp file is there... It is. So I go into my Development Center, create a new project, add my database connection... No problem. I then add a SQL stored procedure and try and build it. OK, NMAKE.EXE wasn't found, so I take mine (from my VS .NET 2003 installation) and copy it to \SQLLIB\BIN directory. Retry... Same story with CL.EXE. Once more... OK, they were both found, but now I am getting the following error:

NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cl' : return code '0x80'

Any ideas? I bet there's some sort of obscure setup I am supposed to do before I can create and build my stored procedures, but cannot find anything yet (or don't know how to search for it).