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    Unanswered: Database Design Question?

    I have a DB in Access; There is a tbl_patient table it includes patient info such as last name, first name, sex, age.

    Is it considered bad DB design if I linked it to another table called tbl_patient_info which had equipment_id, Medication_id, etc. Then this table links to appropriate tables. IE tbl_equipment has a list of all medications. Because a patient can have many medications, to create a M:M

    I would like to know if this would be considered poor db design? Thank you

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    no, that's actually very good design, assuming you set up the keys correctly

    tbl_patient has patient_id as its primary key

    tbl_equipment has equipment_id as its primary key

    tbl_patient_info has primary key of (patient_id,equipment_id) and each of those is a foreign key to its respectiove table

    a classic many-to-many design

    tbl_patient_info is called a relationship table | @rudydotca
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