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    Unanswered: Worksheet protection

    I have an Excel workbook with numerous sheets that are relevant to people in a department. They are required to fill in their scheduled start/finish times. This information is collated into a worksheet showing all the data for a week.

    The problem I have is that each individuals start/finish times is personal information to them. I can see it but other members of the department cannot. Therefore I need to set a password for their individual sheets that prevents others from seeing the data. It isn't a problem to prevent others from altering the data but I cannot find a way of making that data invisible once it has been password protected.

    Please help me 'cos it's driving me barmy.

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    There are several ways to do this. One way is to define Custom Views, in which rows/columns are hidden, for each View. Once these are named, you can attach them to buttons to have a macro show just that view.

    For a more detailed approach, you could have them sign in with username, check that against a username file, then add an extra step for password. Once that is "passed" you can provide only their specific Custom View. When they are finished, you could have an End button that with code, would hide this sheet, and take the person back to the login page. Of course, you unprotect and reprotect within each code, which the user never sees.

    I have done this for a different project, if you are interested.
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