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    Question Unanswered: Interactive Update

    Thank you all in advance for your help.
    MS Access 2000

    My current dataset will look something like this.

    Code Text_Date Location
    1 2004-01-28 Offsite
    2 2004-01-28 Offsite
    3 2004-01-28 Offsite
    4 2004-01-28 Offsite
    7 2004-03-15 Onsite
    8 2004-03-15 Onsite
    9 2004-03-15 Onsite
    10 2004-03-15 Onsite

    What I want done is to prompt the user for the date and update the Location field.

    What I would like to do is set up an interactive query where the user specifies the constraining date (text box, manual typing?) and chooses to alter the location either typing the Offsite / Onsite text or choosing from a combo box.

    Has anyone done anything similar to this?


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    If you just want to use a query you could put

    =[Enter Date] in the criteria for the date field
    =[Enter Location] in the criteria for the location field

    (the text inside the [ ] is what the user will see)

    However, since you are dealing with dates that will have to be in a specific format I would suggest creating a form for this purpose. Have the user enter the date in a text box with an input mask or with a calendar control.
    You could then have a location combo box so they can't make a typing mistake.

    Set your query up to refer to the form. Easiest way is to use the build function (right click in criteria).

    Use the command button wizard to set up a button to run the query.

    Hope that helps.

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