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    Unanswered: Cpu Session Exceeded

    ora-02392 exceeded session limit on cpu usage ,you are being logged off.
    This error message is detected only 2 times in the alert log file.
    Here defaul profile has cpu_session .. has unlimited and 2 other profile has
    30000.Is This a warning Message?

    So please tell me what should be the appropriate action?


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    You need to find out the usernames for the sessions that are exceeding the limit. Then see which profile is being used by those users - it sounds as though it's the profile/s limiting the cpu usage. If you don't want the limit to be applied, then use the default profile for those 2 users.

    One of the benefits of using profiles is that it allows the DBA to 'share out' the resources more effectively amongst the users (e.g. to stop some users hogging the cpu), which is why the limit was probably put in place for the 2 users you mentioned.
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