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    Unanswered: Informix Architecture.

    Hi all,

    Am new to informix,I would like to know the architecture of the Database .
    As in oracle we can split the database into logical -tablespaces and physical datafiles.I could also create users and allocate seperate tablespaces for them.

    Is this possible in Informix,Could I get more light on this,or any articles describing this

    Thanks and Regards


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    Hi Micky,

    The idea is globally the same I think. In Informix IDS we have the following split-up.

    We have ogical stotage spaces called dbspaces. (I believe this are Oracle tablespaces). All data and system info is put in these. Each dbspace has one or more chunks. (A chunk is file, or a (piece of a) raw-device). This is whta you can a datafile I believe.

    At creation of the database you select the dbspace where the database metadat will go in and this is also the default storage area for all database objects. At creation of a database object like a table or an index you can spcify different dbspace. (Or even fragment the table/index over multiple dbspaces).

    Beware that IDS also uses the term tablespace, bt we have a completly different defintion for it. In out case it is a collection of all extents (blocks) belonging to on table/index (or fragment) in one dbspace.

    Hope this helps,

    Rob Prop

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    Smile Informix Arch info

    The IDS Server..Arch in short

    Memory Structure in short:-

    -3 Distinct Segments (Shared Memory,Virtual proccess ,Disk)
    -Multiple instance reside on same hardware (unix/NT)
    -shared Memory (Resedent portion,virtual portion,Message porstion)
    -Resedent porstion(buffer cache ,locks,max logs,phy log ,logical log)
    -virtual portion (session & thread info & pools, misc memory pool,PDQ queries, light scans)
    -Message portion(used for local (shared memory connection size by NETTYPE))

    Disk structure in short:

    -collect of page(block) makes 'chuck'
    -collection of one or more chuck makes 'dbspace'
    -contiguous pages from a single chunk allocated to a table is 'extent'
    -A logical collection of 1 or more extents allocated to a table 'tablespace'

    Rest is virtual proccess just backround process in oracle:-
    CPUVP , AIOVP , netVP & other VP's


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    Getting Started

    Hi Guys,

    I am very new to informix.I got a copy of informix IDS 9.4 and installed it.It went succesfull except datablade which needed VC++.But after the installation,I had these programes in my startup
    Informix Dynamic Server 9.4>DOcumentation Notes
    >Release Notes
    >Informix Error Messages
    >Server Instace Manager
    Informix Connect 2.81>DBPing
    >DOcumentation Viewer
    >Find Error
    >ILogin Demo
    I don't know which one to start.In Oralce I got the sqlplus,Enterprice manager console and so on.
    I strongly belive Informix also has something as such,I think called ESQL,but cannot find it.Also I cannot run the ISA which is configured on Apache.
    I am a kind of stuck though I have installed everything ( i think) I never can use it.THe only thing I can use is DBAcess which is a dos prompt.

    Please help me,from this situation.

    THanks and Regards

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    try onmonitor utility

    Try onmonitort utility , try to get more info. from your installed software docs.
    Can u help for one favoure...
    from last two three month i am in search of informix software Download which can be workable on win XP. Do u have any idea any site link from where i can downlaod informix software 7.X & above ....

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