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    Wink Unanswered: Reports - Formatting

    I've searched and searched - can't find an answer - could you help please?

    I am formatting a report to print in landscape, i want the pages to be assembled together once printed in Landscape so that the data reads left to right over several pages. Any ideas please?


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    if you enlarge your report width bigger than page width, it will print the data that overflows from right side of the page to a new page. so you can assemble them left to right and see your whole report.
    though it is possible I understood your problem wrong.

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    Split your report into sections ... Each report will print out a section of the overall report (i.e. the left, middle, and right sections ..) I did the same kind of this with a yearly report wherein each report printed out a quarter and then you just put them together side to side.
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