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Thread: jeode and db

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    Unanswered: jeode and db

    I'm trying to write an application in Java to my PDA. The database is pocket access but the application can't connect with the database. The same program works fine in my PC, but I think I can't use in my PDA:

    Class.forName( "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" );

    Do I need to use another instruction?

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    The driver you are trying to load is Sun's JDBC/ODBC bridge, it requires an ODBC driver in order to talk JDBC to the database server. This is why it works on your PC which I'm betting already has the ODBC driver for your database server installed. There's almost certainly no suitable ODBC driver for your PDA, so try finding a Type-4 'pure-Java' JDBC driver for your database server to load instead. By the way, I thought Jeode was discontinued - where did you get your copy?

    Hope this helps.
    Keith Brownlow
    ServerMetrics DB Monitoring (

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    Thanks for your reply,

    Do you know where could I find any Type-4 'pure-Java' JDBC driver
    if I have to use another database?

    If you want a Jeode maybe you could find it in

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    java and mysql on pocketPC

    I've to connect my little java application running on a pocketPC with a mysql server running on a PC. I tried to use a connector (MySQL Connector/J 3.0 from with no success at the moment. Do you have any idea? I have to use that connector?

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    mysql Connector/j and handhelds

    i want to know that can i use mySql connector/j in handhelds to connect the mySQL server database which is residing on desktop.
    hoping a quick reply.
    thanking u in advance
    abhishek chopra
    ispan technologies

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