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    Unhappy Unanswered: Sybase ASE Client

    I've a Sybase Adaptive Server 12.5 on Sun Solaris. It is working fine. I can connect to it through x-terminal or telnet and am able to create users/databases/tablespaqces etc.
    Problem comes when I try to configure the Sybase 12.5 client on my Windows2000 machine. I installed the 12.5 client (Full installation), I also installed the DirectConnect ODBC driver. But now I am unable to connect to server through this client. I am not even able to ping it successfully once.
    When I try to configure the directconnect driver DSN, and click "Test Connect", I get an error that says:
    [DataDirect][ODBC DirectConnect driver]Login Failed. Check for valid user ID, server name and password.

    This happens even when I am providing the correct username, password,servername (even tried entring the server ip).
    Can you please help me in this? Or is there any other way to connect the ASE client to my remote Sybase server?

    Thanks in anticipation

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    Interfaces File

    If you're connecting from a Sybase app on WIN2k, to another Sybase DB, ensure you've created an interfaces file on the windows side. Sybase Central needs it to find the server.

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    Have you tried adding the port number after the network address in the odbc configuration?

    Like this:,5000

    // Thorbjörn

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