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    Unanswered: Looking to replace Lotus Notes


    My company is looking into alternatives for Lotus Notes.

    I have worked with MySQL in the past and after looking at new releases, realize that it has come a long way.

    We need the following capabilities:
    - CRM Tool
    - Ability to have field personnel use offline DBs
    - Ability to Add / Update main DB
    - Inventory
    - Licenses
    - Complete customer info

    1. Am I looking at the right DB foundation for this??
    2. Does anyone know of any free/paid packages that will accomplish these tasks??

    Thank You.

    - Al

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    re Ability to have field personnel use offline DBs, MySQL does not seem like the right candidate for this. Imagine, each field person would need mysql installed on their PC... which is not as simple as copying say a MS Access database file... and a 'custom' program would need to sync changes to the master database when online, etc. MySQL to my knowledge has not been used for this and has not been designed for this.

    Try searching for crm in...
    ... for free / open source applications

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