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    Unanswered: Parsing queries after SGA flush

    We test an oracle 8i database with LoadRunner tools, launching scenario with 50 users, executing the sames scripts.

    Before testing a scenario, we flush the SGA.
    We test loading database with 50 users executing the same scenario.

    I hope some queries to be reused without parsing, but even for dynamical queries, number or execution and number of parse is the same.

    Could someone explain me what's happened ?

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    If you could tell us how are you writting your dynamic sql statement. For one, constructing sql statements on the go shouldn't be considered dynamic sql.

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    Dynamic queries looks like
    select fields1, fields2, fields3
    from mytable
    where fields1=:a

    I don't know how they are created. I don't develop this application.

    My work is to test application performance, to explain bottlenecks and preconization.

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