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    Unanswered: confused on format results

    I am confused as to the result I get in a query.
    If I have an expression that I run format in such as
    Format([tbl]![myDATE],"mmddyy")) Doing this to standardise the output.
    I would expect to get the month/day/year as two digit numbers but I don't in fact I get something totally different.
    putting in 012495 (Jan 24 1995) as mydate gives me 031734
    What is happening?

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    my guess is that access sees 012495 as a serial date value rather than say 01/24/95. If you could put it in as a serial value I think it would work out.

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    I agree with mmbosman. When dealing with date conversions, integers are implicitly interpreted as serial values. You may have to manually parse the date as such:

    Left$(myDate, 2) & "/" & Mid$(myDate, 3, 2) & "/" & Right$(myDate, 2)
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    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Thanks for helping me understand why this was happening!

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