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    Unanswered: Unsure on how to create a price list - excel or access

    I have created a database which is based around ordering certain products.

    Part of the order will involve a pricing system.

    As the prices are not always for individual products I am unable to apply a price to each product in the tables I have. Some product are combined with others and then have a price to them.

    The price list will change depending on the sales of the combinations or individual products so a product may be discontinued and if the product was within a combination of product a new one will be added and thus that will change the price.

    Because of this I decided to create the price list in Excel as when it needs editing it can be. My problem is then getting this file onto a form and the user then having the ability to select one or more prices from the spreadsheet. Then the form will calculate the prices and add whatever discount etc but the totals will always go in my orders table along with the discount.

    I have know you can have an unbound object with the excel sheet in that but I have got a little stuck as to how to make it able to select items within it.

    Thank you for any help


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    This can be done with a solid table structure no problem.

    Check out the schema proposed in this thread.

    If you were to add another set of tables for "Packages" or something similar to deal with your combination options, you would have your pricing issues solved.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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