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    Unanswered: Integer syntax

    I have used similar to the following code to filter a linked form and have it update as I move through the records on a main form. The previous (working) one I had was using a text field to link the 2. I am using similar code on a form I have now, only the linking field is an integer. The form opens fine and is filtered, but when I scroll to the next record, the linked form does not update. Any suggestions?

    Private Sub FilterPhoneNumEntryForm()
      	If Me.NewRecord Then
      		Forms!frmPhoneNumEntry.DataEntry = True
      		Forms!frmPhoneNumEntry.Filter = "CustomerIDFK = " & Me![ID]
      		Forms!frmPhoneNumEntry.FilterOn = True
      	End If
      End Sub

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    What event are you calling this sub from?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    It is part of an onClick for a toggle button. I can post the entire code if you need it.

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    Actually I got it.. I forgot to filter the child form on my parent form's OnCurrent event. Thanks for trying to help though!

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