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    Unanswered: Replace specific character in Visual Basic

    guys, please someone help in my code.The question is as following:
    In a form, I have a text box named: txtName which contains customer name.
    If the customer name is for example: Cindy's.
    Then the txtName = "Cindy's"
    Now, in my code, I need to check this txtName field. if contains the single prime ('), I need to replace it as two single primes('')

    My code is:
    Dim Oldtxt as String
    Dim Newtxt as String
    Dim ocn as new connect
    Oldtxt = txtName.text
    Newtxt = Oldtxt.Replace(" ' ", " '' ")

    str = "Insert into tblName Values('" & Newtxt & "')"


    I don't know can I achieve my goal by this code since when I debug, it returned that the .Replace method is not found. Then I tried InStr(), still not found.

    It drives me crazy.....

    Please someone give me a hint.

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    Try changing this line:

    Newtxt = Oldtxt.Replace(" ' ", " '' ")
    to this:

    Newtxt = Replace(txtName.text, "'", "''")

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    Thank You So Much

    Oh!! My God!!! You Are Saving My Life. It Works!!!!

    Thank You Thank You!!!

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    Thumbs up instr works fine for me

    Dim x, Newx As String
    Dim i As Integer

    x = Me.Text1.Text ' Me.Text1.Text=cindy's
    i = InStr(1, x, "'")
    If i > 0 Then Newx = Left(x, i - 1) & "''" & Mid(x, i + 1)

    ' Newx =now is cindy''s

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