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    Unanswered: beginner setting up to code in VB

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to set up the free microsoft sql 2000 server desktop engine so I can create databases in visual basic using ADO. I would like to do this locally, not over the network or anything. I'm on windows 98. the steps I took are:

    1. I downloaded the ms 2000 server desktop engine (msde2000a.exe)
    2. Downloaded the .net framework and installed that (version 1.1)
    3. Extracted the desktop engine setup to a directory
    4. browsed to that directory in DOS prompt and typed 'setup SAPWD="AStrongSAPwd" ... and then it installed
    5. opened ODBC Data sources in the control panel
    6. in the user DSN tab i highlighted "MQIS" and then pressed 'configure'
    7. Pressed 'next' with the default values for all the fields: (name=MQIS, Description=SQL Server' Server=(local) )
    8. with the radio button "with sql server authentication.." selected i click on 'client configuration'
    9. after i click on that a box comes up saying 'add network library configuration'.

    so.. i'm confused on this part.. What should i put for 'server alias' and 'server name'? I want to do this locally. I tried putting my local IP address and the word (local) but after i press 'OK' and then 'Next' (in that previous window that displays the client configuration button) i get an error that says:

    Connection failed:
    SQLState: '01000'
    SQL Server Error: 10061
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]ConnectionOpen (Connect())
    Connection failed:
    SQLState: '08001'
    SQL Server Error: 17
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]SQL Server does not exist or access denied

    So.. how do I set up my computer to be able to use the engine locally? I have the vbcode I want to work. It consists of creating a database using the "provider=SQLOLEDB..." line. I can submit the code if anyone wants to see. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    By the way, i DO NOT have SQL Server installed. I was thinking the engine would sort of be like MS Access where you don't actually need Microsoft Access installed to do database manipulation because the Access Jet Engine is built into windows. So I figured installing the SQL Server engine would do the same thing for me. Is this correct? Or is it mandatory that I have SQL Server installed?

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    You will definitely need to have SQL Server installed, it won't ship as part of the OS until LongHorn. You can buy the developer edition for about $50, and you get MSDE (the engine alone, like Jet is to MS-Access) included with any of Microsoft's Professional level developer products.


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