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    Unanswered: Report - need last completed date


    I've been working on this for awhile now and can't seem to figure it out:

    I have a report where there is a Key_ID field that can be many.
    Each record with the same Key_ID has a "completed date" field called date.
    Sometimes the Date field is populated (when the work is done for that month) and of course future records with a "Target Date" field have a blank Date field.

    I'm trying to list only the last completed date from the Date field on the report. I don't want more than one record per Key_ID.
    Also the next scheduled date (so the next record after one with the same Key_ID) with the records Date field blank.

    How do I get the most recent record that has the Date field populated only?

    The table I'm reading has a Target Date (Always filled in with some date)
    and Key_ID (to match with other table for services, always filled in)
    and Date (when the item was completed)

    Does this make any sense? No wonder I'm confused?!?!?

    PLEASE help!!!

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    Where are you getting the data for the report from? This seems like it would be easily solved by using a query as the recordsource and using a "Max" function for the date within the query

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    SELECT TOP 1 [Target Date], CompletionDate FROM MyTableNameHere WHERE (Key_ID=Something) ORDER BY CompletionDate DESC;

    This is one way ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    Thanks for the answers, as usual, the process has been changed so now I don't need to do this but I will try these when I get time to see what works.

    Thanks Again!!

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