Would it be pssible for me to include data in my php page just by using a simple quiery?

Let me explain.

I have a page at http://www.allpunk.net/news.php

And this displays the current news, but to dispay this it uses a php include to include the page


Now this is the key part, I want to be able to replace the included page


with any other page on my site, for example, include the page

http://www.allpunk.net/blink-182_bio.php (which is just a page containing info much like http://www.allpunk.net/news_nav.php)

just by using a quiery such as


I do have mysql installed on the server, however, i cant acces it as my host is crappy and has messed up all the passwords I need, including my Control Panel, so I need to do this via flat file, pretty much like cutenews or other news posting systems use to display data.

So if that makes sence, does anyone think they could help me out with a few simple codes, or will it be more complicated than that?