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    Unanswered: ISAM: No free disk space” error

    We need to move data from a fragment which resides on one DBSPACE which is currently allocated to a single Logical Volume (on a RAID Level 5 setup). We are using the following query


    MODIFY old_dbspace to fragment_id IN ("a”,"b") IN new_dbspace

    The new_dbspace is allocated over 4 different logical volumes each with 500 MB of space and the old_dbspace has about 1.2 GB of data.

    We are getting “ISAM: No free disk space” error after filling up about 2 volumes, despite the fact that the other volumes have plenty of free space.

    Please help.

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    Exclamation Chunks were added ?

    When you've created the new_dbspace with the first logical volume did you add the three other logical volumes as a chunk to the new_dbspace ?

    Please also check your fragmentation expression that you are not pulling over data from other fragments (data that was not in old_dbspace) of your table into new_dbspace.

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    Thanks very much for the help.

    We have verified that there isn’t any problem with the fragmentation expression.

    As pointed out by you, the new dbspace was created and then three other logical volumes were added as chunks.

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