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    Question Unanswered: Urgent Help Required IN Merge Replication

    We have one publisher and 100 subscribers. And Subscribers again act as re-publisher for 3-4 win CE (Handheld) based device subscribers. Now. We have already done the setup and it is working fine.
    Now due to some change in horizontal filters set in the publisher, we have change in publication. NOw whenever I make any change in publication, it says all subscribers will be marked for reinitialization and snapshot agent will run and new schema will be applied whenever next time merge agent runs.
    But whenever I run the merge agent, the snapshot agent fails saying invalid column ... . I am not able to revert the changes as the same error persists even after bringing the publication back to the original state.
    To add to the complexity, we have also used dynamic snapshots between publisher and suscribers.
    So, Can anyone please tell me how can I change the publication script without deleting the subscribers?Any pointers in this direction are really appreciated.


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    It sounds to me like you've got a rather complex problem. Because of that, I'd really suggest that you open a call with Microsoft, since they have people that are trained to deal with this kind of problem, and the resources needed to fully understand your specific problem and how to fix it.

    I'd be happy to try to help you unravel this, but it doesn't sound like you've got the time needed to solve this problem via the Internet. If you have an immediate business need to get things fixed, the I'd suggest that you call Microsoft's Premier Support professionals. Check the premier web site for information on how to contact them and pricing based on your location.


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