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    Question Unanswered: How to automate informix bkup in WIN ENV

    Hello ! Informix Gurus

    I want automate my daily backups in win env.
    what is simple step should in follow.
    Currtly i am taking daily bkup manually with.
    unload scripts.

    Thanks for help,

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    Cool Bit of work to do

    Follow the IBM Informix system adminsitration course (Windows version)

    Create yourself a backup strategy (when full, cumulative, incremental, how much downtime allowed, how much data loss allowed, what is the budget ).

    Read the
    -IBM Informix Backup and Restore Guide 9.4
    -IBM INformix Storage Manager Adminsitrator's Guide 9.4

    you can find them on

    Start writing backup scripts
    Start writing restore scripts
    Test them
    Implement them

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    Hi I'm in the windows environment and here is how I did it.

    I wrote a couple of scripts to backup logical logs and to do a level 0.
    Every night I stop a logical log backup via a script a have on the scheduler
    then do a chekpoint, then start a logical log backup again and then start a level 0 right behind it. Everything is done by scripts and gets kicked of in the scheduler

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