I need help with a query that I want to incorporate into a scheduled DTS within SQL Server 2000. I have a process that brings in records from an Excel file, compares that day's records with any related information already stored in the database, then saves a table of joined records. This leaves me with any matches to the data. I need to filter out all but the most current record, which would be identified by a column named [DATE]. Ex:

Table tblMatchedRecords

M BLah Blah2 [DATE]
1 this that 20040101
2 this them 20040102
3 this that 20040630

In this example, I would like to have the record with [DATE] = 20040630 kept, and the others deleted. All columns do not always have to match exactly. I want to be able to specify which fields that need to match and pull only the latest date.

Make sense? Can anyone offer any suggestions?