i have a table that contains these fields cide,serial,amount_from,amount_to
and values as follow:
usa 1 1000 1999
usa 2 2000 2999
EUR 1 1000 2000
EUR 2 2001 3000
and another table that has code,amount
code contain usa,eur,jor,...
i built a form depending on the second table the code value is a list of value
that gets data from a record group.
and the amount field is also a list of value..

i need to be able to retrive in the amount field select amount_from||'-'||amount_to from table1 depending on the code.
so if i chose from the code list USA i should see in the amount list

i don't know what trigger i should use or code.

so if anyone can hlp me in this i will be thankful.