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    Unanswered: error -668 system command cannot be executed

    1:Not owner

    Hi all,
    I'm getting the above error while executing a procedure
    on an informix IDS 7.31 (NT4 WkStation).
    I'm new of procedures so it is probably a problem of
    ignorance about their usage.
    My procedure is as follows:

    CREATE PROCEDURE "Administ".my_procedure()
    SYSTEM 'c:\mycmd.cmd';

    After that I granted execute privileges to public (in
    the same dbaccess session)
    I think it's a problem related to the user who owns
    & execute the procedure.
    I try to be more clear : as you can see the owner is the
    db user 'Administ'; I was connected as Administrator
    when I launched dbaccess to create the procedure.
    I get the error when I executed the procedure from
    the same dbaccess session used to create it.
    I thought it was because db user Administ and local NT user
    Administrator are not the same, so I create new local NT
    user Administ making a copy of the user Administrator giving
    the same privileges, including it in the same groups but it
    didn't work.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestion.


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    Lightbulb Environment variables



    set INFORMIXDIR and INFORMIXSERVER as a system environment variable
    and put INFORMIXDIR/bin in the PATH -system environment variable
    and try again.


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