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    Question Unanswered: Positioning Forms...

    Hi, a question which has been perplexing me...

    I am creating some pop-up forms, which appear to show more detailed info on stuff, based on values in other forms (e.g. Orders form pops up in response to Customer ID in Customer form to show that customer's orders). But the form just seems to pop up in a random position.

    Ideally I would like to be able to control the position of the form when it appears, so that it appears below the customer ID field - so one can see the customer details along with the order details.

    Can't seem to find a solution?

    The first question, is this possible? And if so could anyone tell how to go about doing it?

    Most appreciated??

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    I don't know what the code is but there is a macro action MoveSize and that lets you postion the form on the screen wherever you like. Put the macro on Open or OnCurrent.


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    Hi kdm3,

    There is one solution to your situation. When you are creating your forms in DesignView, make sure to Place the form on the screen where you wish it to PopUp. Also, for the properties of that form make sure it is not set to AutoCenter. Set it to NO and Resize to NO. So one way to know where to place it is to Open your MainForm as you normally would, click the button or whatever that opens your PopUp form. When it opens, go to DesignView right then and set it, also position it Exactly where you wish for it to PopUp everytime and SAVE it while in DesignView. That should do it as that is how I have done most of my PopUp forms.

    have a nice day,

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