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    Unanswered: Bulk insert & error logging

    Hi All

    Currently I am having a scenario of some sort of bulk insert.
    i.e. Insert into schm2.tablename select * from schm1.tablename where ------;

    Now when i execute the same & suppose the records are already existing for the PK/unique records I get an oracle ora-00001 unique constraint violated error.

    But what i want is when i am doing such a huge insert where 1000's of inserts are involved I want to know which actual record failed the unique constraint.

    The type of insert I have above when i execute does not give me the actual row value which failed but only a generic unique constraint failure

    How can i trap the actual value which failed the unique constraint


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    sqlload into the new table.
    this way you can create files for the bad rows.

    The rows that violate the PK get thrown into the sqlload.BAD file I believe.

    another option:
    write a join query to supply you with the output of all duplicates
    write a join insert which only loads proper/unique values
    - The_Duck
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