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    Unanswered: Database Forum layout

    I'm writing a small forum for my site. I'm having EXTREME issues on the db design for it. Currently I have a Forums table a Topics table and a Threads table.

    The way i had originally planned for it to work was the topics table will include the topic description and the body of the first post. Then when you click on the link it takes you to that post and shows all the threaded replies in the threaddb where the topic_id is the same as the topic.

    Is this the best way for the forum design layout? Or is their a more effiecient one like only havintg a forum table and a thread table. identifying the topics by setting a field called is_topic in the thread db.

    Thank you

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    Why not have a look at some of the open source forum scripts to get an idea how they do it. I'm not saying copy it, but certainly have a look to get ideas.


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