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    Unanswered: authentication for opening linked tables in access from sql server 2000

    Hi, My database uses access as a frontend and sql server as a backend. As i log into the access database (.mdb) i prompt the user for a username and password which inturn will be used to login to sql server odbc connection. The problem is, although I already entered a user name and password for the server and odbc connection for the linked tables, when i try to open one of the linked tables I get the following error: Connection Failed: SQLState: '28000' SQL Server Error: '18452', then when i click 'OK' it prompts for authentication once again....but after I enter the username and password once again, the odbc connection is used and authentication is no longer needed until access is completely closed and then restarted. What can I do that I will only need to use the user's id and password from the login screen and will no longer need for the user to go through a sql login dialog again
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    I am having a similar problem on Access 2002/Win2000SP4. Is there any way to persist the login information after the database is closed?

    For reference, the ODBC is verified to not use trusted connections, and the table is originally linked with SQL Authentication.

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