I do not know any VB code. I'm using a replicated DB. One of the forms in the DB got corrupted: The form icon is there, but...

1. When I double click to open it, there is no response.
2. When I click the open design button, no response.
3. When I try to copy/paste the the form from a good backup, it says "No current record"
4. When I try creating a new blank form, it says "No current record"
5. When I Export the form from the good backup to the corrupted DB, it says "No current record"

It seems that the entire FORMS portion of the database has been corrupted, like some internal access piece of data necessary for editing or creating new forms is missing - but that's just an uneducated stab in the dark.

I can import the important data tables the NEW CORRUPTED DB into the previous day's backup but this is very time consuming and it's very difficult to be sure I'm updating all the necessary tables - which is what I've ended up doing. However, I've had to kick 4 of my co-workers out of the database for about 2 hours while I fixed the database.

This has happened a couple times before, does anyone know what causes this to happen, or how to recover the FORMS portion of the database?

Any insite would be helpful - Thanks.