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    I have an Excel sheet that looks like this:

    Name: Name1
    Company: Company1
    email: email1

    Name: Name2
    Company: Company2
    email: email2

    Name: Name3
    Company: Company3

    Name: Name4
    Company: Company4
    email: email4

    As you can see, some entries have a name, company, and email, while others only have name and company. I would like to know how to delete only those entries that have a name and company, but no email. Is this possible?

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    Here is a formula and attached Excel example of how to mark rows to delete, where there is no "email:" label. The asterisk symbol * means AND, the plus symbol + means OR.

    =IF((A1="Company:")*(A2="")+(A1="Name:")*(A3="")," DEL","")

    Then you delete all rows with "DEL" displayed.

    The formula reads: if column A cell is "Company:" and the next cell is blank, or if column A cell is "Name:" and 3rd cell down is blank, then display "DEL", otherwise display nothing.

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    Thank you very much. That was a huge help!!!

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