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    Unanswered: Speeding up SQL*Loader

    We're loading alot of data (20-30gigs) from a flat file created from the extract of a Gemstone database into an Oracle table. At this point, we're doing the table load using the conventional path method. I've just taken over this baby and want to switch over to a direct load. However, one of the columns that is loaded is a sequence number that is generated on the way in. The problem is that direct path loads seem to blow up on this with a "SQL string not allowed on direct path".

    Is there any way around this? Also, any hot tips on how to optimize a sqlload process or a webpage devoted to this (couldn't find a good one on my initial web foray) would be helpful.

    The current datafile is taking 36 hours to load and i need to get that down. We're running Oracle 8i.

    Thanx for any suggestions!

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    >Thanx for any suggestions!
    Disable any & all triggers & indexes on the table being loaded
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    Direct path loads do not support SQL strings in the control file.
    If the sequence is a dictionary define sequence, then create a before insert trigger to assign the next sequence number.
    If the sequence can be assigned during the load, then instead of an SQL string, use the SEQUENCE or RECNUM controlfile option.
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    Soln for u

    Take out explicit commit;
    set auto commit on at database level
    It will reduce the time drastically

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    be sure the table you are loading into is set to NOLOGGING

    I once created a trigger to load a sequence number into a column
    as my data was loaded. Not sure if it would work on DIRECT load or not.

    PHP Code:
    drop sequence zero_seq2;

    create sequence zero_seq2;

    create or replace trigger tablename_sequence
        before insert on TableName
    for each row
    v_seq number;
                select zero_seq2
    .nextval into v_seq from dual;
    INSERTING then
    :new.column_name := v_seq;
    end if;

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