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Thread: MySQL 'CASE'

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    Unanswered: MySQL 'CASE'

    I have a query in MSSQL like this:
    select table1.*, 
    CASE WHEN field1 > '10000' THEN '1'
    WHEN field2 BETWEEN '5001' AND '9999' THEN '2'
    WHEN field3 BETWEEN '2501' AND '5000' THEN '3'
    WHEN field4 BETWEEN '0' AND '2500' THEN '4'
    AS Class
    FROM table1
    How do I convert this to MySQL?
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    I'd use MySQL's CASE, which should work just like MS-SQL's CASE. I'm highly suspicious that you didn't mean to use different column names (Field1 through Field4 in your example). That would be a bad thing in most cases!


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    Quote Originally Posted by dhoward
    How do I convert this to MySQL?
    by adding the manadory END keyword, which i believe is also mandatory in sql server

    i agree with pat, youprobably did mean to use the same field name in each WHEN condition, right? | @rudydotca
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